Review Policy

I accept requests for honest reviews from both authors and publishers.

Currently I'm accepting arcs (advanced readers copies) and books for review in both a printed and e-book format. I will only be replying to those emails with books I am interested in reviewing at this time.



I'm happy to read most genres but my preferred genres are:

  • Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian 
  • Fairy Tale/Myth retelling
  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary
  • Adventure/Action
  • Historical Fiction
  • Supernatural
  • Horror/Thriller



My reviews consist of the Authors name, book title, publication company, a synopsis/summary of the novel, photos of the book (including the cover) and of course, my rating and review. My reviews will mostly be spoiler free (any spoilers will be indicated).

My reviews will be posted on this blog and photos of the book will be taken to upload to my Instagram (@krimsuunpages) to help promote the book as well as my blog. This also lets users be aware of a new blog post. If you would like me to advertise the book in other social media places please let me know.

My reviews are 100% honest, if I personally don't like a book I will let my readers know. I would be clear as to why I personally did not enjoy the book to allow readers to make their own decisions on whether to pick up the book- just because I myself did not enjoy the book does not mean others won't. 

I will try to read the books and upload a review as soon as possible, though this could take up to two months depending on my schedule. Any books received that are ARC's, I shall aim to have the review posted before the publication date, unless stated otherwise. If the author/publishing company would like the review posted by a certain date let me know via email.

If the book is part of a series I may require an earlier book from the series to give the best review I can,

My reviews will alse be posted to Goodreads and Amazon upon request.


How I Rate Books

Previously I had rated all reviews from a 1 to 10 scale. I have decided instead to focus
on the main review, rather than placing a number rating. Everyone has different opinions
while reading/reviewing and I plan to focus on mine.


If you would like to request a review, please email me at:

along with any details that you find I need to know in order to provide my review.